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Lush is making a triumphant return to downtown Victoria on Tuesday!

The popular handmade cosmetics store has shifted locations, and you’ll love their new place. Not only is it in a prime spot for shopping, but it’s in one of Victoria’s most historic and beautiful buildings.

Bigger and Better

Now situated next to the Bard & Banker, Lush Victoria has gotten a serious upgrade. At twice the size of their last location, they’ve now got way more room for samples and consultations, not to mention fantastic interior design.

Photo by Jay Wallace – Island Images

The building’s original brick adorns the walls, complementing the vibrant colours of the products and rustic hues of the reclaimed wood decor.

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All New Layout

Photo by Jay Wallace – Island Images

The front of the store is packed with gift packages and bath bombs. Further back, they’ve got specific sections for Perfume, Skincare, Hair, Soap, Massage Bars, and more!

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With four sinks around the store to try before you buy, the results of your bath bomb purchase don’t have to be a surprise. Similarly, free arm and hand massages are available from Lush employees. There’s no better way to test out the endless selection of cocoa butter massage bars.

All that extra room also means more area for new products. The Lush team hinted that this fall, there could be some brand new items on the shelves.

Twenty Years in the Making

Victoria’s original downtown Lush store opened in 1997, just across the street. But when the tourist shop “Seeing is Believing” closed down last year, Lush pounced on the opportunity to open up a larger store with a fresh new look.

Photo by Jay Wallace – Island Images

Inspired by the history of the building and with an eye toward an open-market aesthetic, every section of the store catches the eye. Not to mention the careful crafting of the products.

Photo by Jay Wallace – Island Images

Bath Bombs Galore

The store’s official opening will be celebrated in typical Lush fashion with the dousing of an oversized “intergalactic” bath bomb. Luckily, they saved one for Victoria Buzz to try out too!

Photo by Jay Wallace – Island Images

So colourful!

Photo by Jay Wallace – Island Images

New Lush, Same Sustainable Practices

In addition to their newest location, Lush also takes pride in their commitment to the environment. Purchases of their Shark Fin Soap directly finance the completion of Rob Stewart’s documentary Sharkwater: Extinction, continuing the legacy of the Canadian filmmaker.

Lush has partnered with the Ocean Legacy Foundation to help reduce the amount of ocean plastic. Purchasing a charity pot from Lush helps finance, ocean cleanups, research, education, and technology development.

So, the products you can buy will clean not just your skin, but also the ocean!

Bubbles, Bath, and Beyond at Lush Victoria
Photo by Jay Wallace – Island Images

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