Looking for an extra visual boost of Canadian pride? Head down to Songhees Point today and check out the condos at 50 Songhees Road.

No, it’s not a marketing stunt. In fact, the art installation was the brainchild of eighty-four-year-old condo resident Pauline Stewart.

Stewart found a donor willing to supply 97 large Canadian flags for display on her building’s balconies. The symmetry and colour make for a dramatic, patriotic visual.

And Victoria isn’t the only city pulling this stunt. Stewart’s identical twin sister, Mary Dooher, built on the idea, asking residents of her 150-suite condo residence in Ottawa to create a similar visual.

After their installation on June 21st, the Songhees Point flags will remain until July 5th, giving Victorians and tourists alike plenty of time to catch a glimpse.

Twin Art Projects

This Canada-inspired creation isn’t the first time Stewart and Dooher have been involved in artwork. The twins also participated in a video art installation for Candice Breitz. That project, first shown at the Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery in Toronto, became part of the Venice Biennale and toured around the world. 


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