A local software company is quietly making a big impact in the worldwide tech industry.

Tutela, based in Victoria, BC, recently surpassed 200 million installs. That landmark makes it the world’s largest provider of crowdsourced mobile usage and quality data.

Tutela’s software assists wireless carriers, device manufacturers, hedge funds and other organizations. Their software compares mobile carriers and devices, analyzes usage trends, and compiles detailed technical network performance statistics.

CEO receives award

Hunter Macdonald, Tutela’s CEO, recently won the VIATEC’s Emerging Leader of the Year Award.

“The reports that we produce are unrivaled in that the data set is exponentially larger than what has been previously available through crowdsourcing,” Macdonald said in the announcement. “To date, other companies have relied on biased data from a much smaller dataset and have been unable to provide an accurate or timely picture of how networks and devices are performing.”

You can check out the full news release here.

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