Monday, June 17, 2024

Victoria School District to spend $1.25 million on new laptops and iPads


Victoria Schools will have a few thousand more screens this September.

A $1 million investment from the Greater Victoria School District will purchase 1,770 Chromebooks, 585 iPads. A further $250,000 will be used to upgrade wireless infrastructure.

The new wave of spending will give a 4:1 ratio of students to a tech device in every elementary and middle school in the Greater Victoria School District and at least a 6:1 ratio for high schools.

“Investing in technology opens up more doors for student learning,” said Piet Langstraat, Superintendent of the Greater Victoria School District.  “Collaboration and hands-on learning are pillars of the new curriculum. Mobile technology facilitates opportunities for students to work in groups and to explore concepts outside of traditional classroom environments.”

This investment builds on 2016’s Technology for Learning initiative that saw 1,600 laptops and iPads provided to teachers and educational assistants. Additionally, each classroom in the District has been equipped with a digital projector, screen, and speakers.

Alistair Ogden
Former staff writer at Victoria Buzz.

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