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5 awesome beaches in Victoria you need to check out


This week, Southern Vancouver Island will get hot. Really hot. And that means most popular Victoria beaches (i.e. Willows, Cadboro Bay, Thetis Lake, etc.) will be full to the brim. But those popular places aren’t the only ones on the market. In fact, our city has several hidden, sandy gems you might never have seen before. Here’s a list of a few we think you might like to explore.

Friendly Reminder: Make sure to dispose of waste responsibly. Not all of these small beaches have garbage receptacles, so you’ll need to take away any litter you create. Help us all enjoy these beautiful spots and keep our environment clean!

1 – Kitty Islet

Kitty Islet
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This first “beach” only really makes that category at low tide. But it’s such a beautiful spot that we put it on the list anyway. Tucked away just south of the Victoria Golf Club, this little piece of paradise pokes out of the Eastern end of McNeill Bay across from Trafalgar Park. A couple of colourful wooden chairs sit permanently atop the Islet, waiting for you to recreate a Corona commercial, or just spend a hot afternoon.

2 – Telegraph Bay

Telegraph Bay
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Cadboro Bay’s quieter, smaller neighbour has just as much sun, sand, and sea views, but less playground amenities and no climbable octopus. Still, this beach makes for a perfect hidden getaway. Just a 15-minute walk from the endless crowds and non-stop noise of Cadboro-Gyro Park, Telegraph Bay gives you a convenient getaway option.


3 – Hollydene Park

Hollydene Park
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Further North from Telegraph Bay, Hollydene is one of many small beaches dotting the coastline in the Gordon Head area of Saanich.

4 – Balmacarra Park

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Another beautiful pocket beach tucked away in Gordon Head, Balmacarra’s size varies with the tides. However, with only a few locals on it at any one time, the beach usually provides enough sandy space for a secluded, shady experience. Also of interest is nearby Cormorant Point, upon which an abandoned concrete foundation was built, creating a swimming-pool-sized tidal area teeming with sea life.

5 – Queen Alexandra Cove

Queen Alexandra Cove
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This one might be the most hidden of all. Situated behind the Queen Alexandra Centre for Children’s health, this beach can be difficult to get to, and quite small once you get there, but its secludedness leaves it almost always empty. Perfect for adventurers.

Alistair Ogden
Former staff writer at Victoria Buzz.

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