Victoria has a new public realm plan, and it could change the downtown core as we know it.

At least as far as the main colour scheme goes.

Among many aesthetic changes, the plan calls for a “Unified Colour” in the downtown core.

For the most part, that colour will be glossy black.

The choice is meant to “unify and simplify downtown streetscape elements with a colour that is timeless and fits well with the heritage architectural fabric of Downtown,” according to the official plan.

downtown Victoria colour map

The new paint job will apply to the metal components of all benches, light poles, trash bins,
bike racks, and bollards.

Chinatown will remain red, the only area in the downtown core left out of the new colour unification.

Additional Changes

The paint job is only one of many changes coming to the downtown core’s overall look.

Other potential changes include:

  • Activating the Waterfront
    • Connecting the Harbour Pathway
    • Adding modular and removable structures such as outdoor seating
    • Adding public art

Harbour Pathway

  • Discover the Secret Thread
    • Creating better connections and recognition of the network
      of alleys and mid-block connections
    • Dreate a physical guide to connect and recognized the
      laneway network within Downtown
  • Enhance Government Street as a Shared Space
    • Extend the established pedestrian oriented streetscape character from Yates to
    • Reconfiguring the intersection of Government Street and Wharf
      Street to make it more comfortable and accessible for pedestrians.
  • Enhance Douglas Street as a Transit Corridor
    • Temporary street closures for community events.
    • Claiming traffic lanes with artful street graphics.
    • Extending bus lanes into the Downtown area
    • Using colour and paint to test ideas as part of public art program

To get more details and check out the full public realm plan, click here.