Elk/Beaver Lake
Elk Lake (@raincityjenn via Instagram)

The topic of sewage in and around Victoria has caused more than enough stink in the past several decades. But with today’s Elk/Beaver Lake construction, the Capital Regional District (CRD) will take sewage away from a water body, rather than into it.

The CRD’s latest project will implement a sewer line at Elk/Beaver Lake Regional Park and along Pipeline Road. The work will provide a future connection of the Beaver Beach and Filter Beds washroom facilities to the Saanich municipal sewer system.

Park visitors can expect intermittent delays and closures at various areas along the route (see map), Monday through Friday during daytime hours, from August to October 2017. However, the washrooms will remain open. Please use caution around crews and equipment.

Please use caution around crews and equipment.

Elk/Beaver Lake Map
Photo provided by the Capital Regional DIstrict

Connecting to the municipal sewer system will give the public year-round access to the facilities, reduce annual operating costs, and eliminate the need to transport waste by truck.

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