Shapr Meeting

Want to kickstart your professional life? Looking to meet inspiring people in Victoria? We’ve found the perfect app for you.

Shapr is a completely free app available for iOS and Android that is designed to fit seamlessly into your daily routine. In a few minutes each day, it’ll help you forge career connections and introduce interesting people in and around Vancouver Island.

But don’t just take our word for it, if you’re on a smartphone right now, you can try Shapr for yourself. Start by clicking here to download the app.

The first order of business with Shapr is to set up your profile. You can use your LinkedIn to get started with one click and then pick up to ten interests such as #marketing, #creativity, or #startups to help you match.

Shapr Profile

After you’ve finished crafting your profile, Shapr’s smart algorithm will make 10-15 daily suggestions based on your networking needs and interests. Each individual comes with an option to “Meet” or “Pass”. Swipe through and choose who you’d like to meet. If another person has chosen to “Meet” you too, you’ll match.

When a match is made, message your connection and set up a time to grab coffee! You both already said yes to connecting, so take that conversation offline.

Shapr makes it incredibly easy to meet relevant professionals in your city. If you’re hoping to find new partnerships, get your foot in the door at interesting companies, or just make new friends in Victoria, this app will help you do just that.

Shapr Coffee

Though the interface’s swiping and matching might remind you of another popular app, Shapr blocks any users attempting to use it for ulterior motives like spam, multi-level marketing, or dating.

That leaves the app filled solely with other focused and driven professionals.

Personally, after only a couple of days of Shapr use, I’ve already matched and chatted with several accomplished people I’d never have otherwise met. And as Victoria’s Shapr community grows, so will the number and quality of possible connections.

So, now’s your chance. Meet a mentor, give yourself job opportunities, and make connections.

All you’ve got to do is click here and swipe.