(A&W Canada)

Enjoy a frosty, delicious root beer this Saturday – for free!

On Saturday July 22, every A&W restaurant in Canada will be pouring free frosted mugs of root beer from open to close.

A&W Canada is looking to celebrate its roots, and are asking Canadians to raise a glass to the iconic beverage that day.

“Root beer has a long history in Canada and A&W Root Beer has been a family tradition for decades,” said A&W Canada’s Senior Director of Marketing and Brand Communications, Tom Newitt. “On Free Root Beer Day we will be celebrating this, and our pioneering efforts to source simple, natural ingredients for the beverage.”

A&W has been on a relentless journey to source natural ingredients for all its menu options. The launch of A&W Root Beer crafted with natural ingredients earlier this month marked a significant milestone.

A&W Root Beer is now made with natural cane sugar and natural flavours like sarsaparilla root, licorice, birch bark, and anise.

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