hazy oak bay
Photo courtesy of OakBay.ca

With parties and festivals happening downtown seemingly every weekend, it might feel like Victoria gets all the attention. But this week, one of the city’s suburbs finally got the recognition it deserves. Moneysense listed Oak Bay among its top places to live in Canada!

In the video, Moneysense hypes up the area, saying that “[Oak Bay] is such a desirable spot, home prices are rising at a rate of $240 a day.”

They show some great photos of the landscape, describing how the suburb lies “right on the water and minutes from downtown Victoria.”

The Oak Bay Tea Party even gets a photographic mention, along with the assertion that the area has “managed to keep its small cottage feel and a very engaged community.”

Even if you don’t live in Oak Bay, this is just another reason to be a proud Vancouver Islander.

hazy oak bay
Photo courtesy of OakBay.ca

Moneysense’s Top Places in Canada by Region:

  • Atlantic Canada: Quispamsis, New Brunswick
  • Quebec: St Augustin de Desmaures
  • Ontario: Ottawa
  • Prairies: Weyburn, Saskatchewan
  • Alberta: St. Albert
  • BC and Territories: Oak Bay, British Columbia