Asher was invited to meet Tegan and Sara in person and had a special spot at the concert! (Tracey Trousdell)

This year, Canada Day celebrations may have been a reason to let loose for most of us, but for one little boy, it also brought the fulfillment of his biggest dream.

Just a few months after he was born, Asher was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. However, the physical limitations of the condition didn’t deter his spirit and he turned to books and music.

In particular, 7-year-old Asher was awestruck by the musical stylings of Tegan and Sara. He professes to be their biggest fan in the whole universe.

So when his mom, Tracey, realized that the band would be performing live in Victoria for the Spirit of 150 celebrations, she posted a call to action on Facebook.

“Nothing would possibly make Ash happier than meeting them,” she wrote, hoping that the post would reach someone out there who could make her little boy’s dream come true.

A Mother’s Post Goes Viral

And guess what? You did it Victoria! Likes, comments, and shares poured in, showing the collective power of social media as the post circulated online.

The result? Asher had a special spot at the concert and was invited to meet Tegan and Sara in person!

He left the venue with a bag full of goodies and a heart full of memories.