tedx royal roads

Looking for inspiration this summer? Royal Roads will be hosting a TEDx talk today, Saturday, July 29th.

Attendees and viewers will receive unique and amazing presentations focused around one topic: Reinvent. Fourteen speakers will take the stage from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm.


Organized by BCOM student Kyle Ingram, TEDxRoyalRoadsU was inspired by Ingram’s own reinvention as a mature student and a member of the Royal Roads community. “My hope is that this event will help to bridge the gap between programs and students by showcasing common ideas and interests shared throughout our campus,” said Ingram.

The event will bring together local thought leaders, performers, and reinventors.

“Fostering relationships and helping people to reinvent themselves is part of what makes Royal Roads University so special,” said Ingram.

A student-led initiative, TEDx combines efforts from students in their final semesters of the BCOM and BAPC programs.

Some of the thought-provokers that will speak about reinvention:

Cheryl Heykoop Why cancer isn’t so bad: an Assistant Professor at Royal Roads University Cheryl is passionate about sharing stories and engaging with young people who have been affected by war, disaster, or illness to better educate, inform, and lead.

Lauren Schulte You’re probably bisexual: The CEO & Founder at The FLEX Company, a leading innovator in feminine care, Lauren is passionate about improving the lives of women around the world.

Taylor Conroy How I learned to love rock bottom: Taylor is a meditator, surfer, and business creator. He currently runs a business called Journey that allows people to build homes for families in need while they travel.

Adam Braidwood There is always a way to be great again: Adam Braidwood is a former CFL defensive end, current world champion boxer, actor, martial artist, and a two-time winner of the strongest man award from Washington State. He currently resides in Victoria, British Columbia.