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Woman rescued after falling into Thetis Lake unconscious


Emergency crews were once again dispatched to Thetis Lake Wednesday afternoon after a 26-year-old woman suffered serious injuries after attempting to jump off the Sunnyside cliffs into the water.

According to witnesses, the woman was trying to jump off the cliffs but lost her footing and fell, hitting the rock bluff head first, knocking herself out before she fell in the water.

“If not for the action of friends and bystanders who held the woman in place in the water, she would have drowned,” said View Royal Fire Chief Paul Hurst.

(Richard Shane)

Emergency crews rescued her from the water and returned her to the beach by the marine unit.

The woman suffered serious head and back injuries and multiple lacerations and abrasions.

She was transported to Victoria General Hospital.

Last week, three teenagers were rescued from drowning at Thetis Lake and the next day fire crews were called back to the lake after a brush fire was intentionally lit at the cliffs and seven youths were detained.

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