Chalk Art
Adry del Rocio and Carlosalberto GH created this amazing chalk art in 2015

Victoria’s Chalk Art Fest comes to a brand new venue this weekend, making its first appearance in the concrete confines of Uptown.

Officially, it’s the first annual Uptown Chalk Art Festival, though it draws inspiration from the four previous renditions that had existed downtown in the form of the Victoria International Chalk Fest.

Many of those outstanding artists will be returning, and Victorians can expect another amazing display of art and community for all to enjoy.

Here are 5 reasons to check it out!

1 – Get up close with the artists

Drawing is something many people admire, and mere mortals like us simply can’t comprehend how they do it. Check out ridiculous artists as they translate images from their brain to the asphalt canvas.

You can even ask ’em questions!

2 – It’s Up Top!

Uptown will close off a large portion of the upper level next to Whole Foods. This will create a new venue with space for delicious food trucks, spunky live music, and of course, brilliant street artists.

And maybe, just maybe, they’ll inspire you to buy a bucket of chalk at Walmart.

3. It’s a living outdoor art gallery

Throughout the weekend you can expect the whole area to transform into a living art gallery. These pieces take hours to complete and will include stunning 3D art that plays tricks on the mind.

On Saturday at 10 am, the lot will begin to breathe life.

4. Expect some Canadiana

You didn’t think you were getting away with just July 1st for Canada 150, did you? The theme for this year’s chalk festival is indeed Canada 150, and you can expect artwork celebrating all things Canadian.

Poutine anyone?

5. Get your kids creating!

No community event is complete without a place for kids to be kids, and the Uptown Chalk Art Festival will leave no child behind.

Kids can take inspiration from the artists and get creating immediately!

Check out these photos from previous International Chalk Festivals!
Art from the 2014 International Chalk Festival.
Art from the 2012 International Chalk Fest.
3d Art by Leon Keer from the International Chalk Art Festival. (
Tracy Lee Stum showing her fine work at the first International Chalk Art Festival. (

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