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5 Victoria Fringe Festival shows to check out this week


The first few days of the Victoria Fringe Festival brought a fantastic variety of shows to our city. From the Wednesday night preview to Fringekids Fest on Saturday to Sunday Funday with Atomic Vaudeville, the entertainment has been practically endless.

But along with attending the various free shows, we’ve also been keeping a keen eye on the many fantastic performances currently on display throughout our city.

With dozens of performances spread across thirteen venues, seeing the entire lineup has proved impossible. But at Victoria Buzz, we did our best to hop between shows, and as a result, we’ve created a list of a few that we think you’ll love.

1 –The Moaning Yoni

This thoughtful and hilarious one-woman show gives audiences an exploration of sexuality, society, and a talking vagina. Joylyn Secunda combines singing, dancing, comedic timing, and dozens of characters to create a deep, enriching, and exceptionally funny performance.

This show also incorporates the audience, giving attendees themselves a chance to (unwittingly) deliver punchlines, stand up, and throw things.

At times, the plot of The Moaning Yoni is difficult to followbut the entertainment remains constant throughout. And the protagonist’s journey of sexual exploration proves to be as relateable as it is surprising.

2 – Stories About Love, Death & A Rabbit 

Love, Death, Rabbit

From across the pond, Charles Adrian brings his brilliantly charming character, Ms. Samantha Mann. “Sam”, as the audience comes to know her, is reminiscent of one of Monty Python’s classic townswomen.

But where Python used drag simply for comedic effect, Adrian gives the character of Ms. Mann depth and feeling. There’s plenty of laughter, but also an amazing look at aging, nostalgia, and regret.

3 –Tragedy + Time Served = Comedy

Tragedy + Time

After tonight’s 8:00 pm show, only one performance of Tragedy + Time Served remains (Sunday, September 3, 1:15 pm), and you won’t want to miss it.

Mark Hughes brings his incredible autobiographical story to life through storytelling, humour, and a touch of crowd work.

Not for the faint of heart, Tragedy + Time illustrates a life spent searching for acceptance in the darkest of places. Hughes spent his adolescence and early 20s in and out of prison, struggling with addiction, and committing crimes at will.

Though the events of his story might not seem very relatable at first glance, Hughes makes them so. Along with biting comedy, he brings truth and openness to his performance. With its depth, darkness, and unexpected humour, Tragedy + Time = Comedy is a story that lives long in the memory of audiences.

4 – The Taxi Driver is Always Listening

Taxi Driver

Sean Proudlove has been making people laugh for decades. Formerly on Comedy Now! and Just For Laughs, he now splits his time between performing at Hecklers Bar & Grill and working as a Taxi driver in Victoria. In this one man show, we see those two worlds collide. The result is as eye-opening as it is hilarious. With the help of a few projections, skits, and a rap song, Proudlove tells progressively more incredible tales of life as a cab driver. This show will have you laughing hard, but also gives a rarely-seen glimpse of life in the driver’s seat.

5 – Fake Ghost Tours

Fake Ghost Tours

This show is even funnier than it sounds. Two great local comedians – Shawn O’Hara and Abdul Aziz – take audiences on a spooky nightly tour of the downtown core.

The two “brothers” deliver punchline after punchline, leaving audiences laughing uncontrollably while tourists watch on, confused.

A mixture of scripted bits and improvised crowd-work, the show is a little bit different every time. With a show every night of the fringe – and three-per-day this weekend – there are still plenty of opportunities to experience Fake Ghost Tours. Don’t miss out.

That’s Not All!

There are so many more fantastic shows than we could fit on this list. If none of these particularly tickles your theatrical fancy, check out the full lineup!

Also, a whole new range of shows arrives this week from the Edmonton Fringe Festival! Watch the second Fringe Preview tonight to get a taste of what’s to come and we’ll do our best to keep you updated on the must-watch shows with upcoming articles and info.

Alistair Ogden
Former staff writer at Victoria Buzz.

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