Smoky Sunset Victoria
Photo via Instagram @emily3iverson

Last night’s “post-apocalyptic red ball of fire” smoky sunset made for some incredible photos.

So, in preparation for this evening, we put together a list of locations to help you up your Instagram game.

Of course, while producing stunning visuals, the smoky skies are also a potent reminder of the dangers of wildfires at this time of year.

As of last night, 115 wildfires continue to blaze throughout British Columbia.

You can help! Today, the James Bay Inn is hosting the second day of a fundraiser for victims of the wildfires. All proceeds from sales of their BC Benefit burgers will go to the Canadian Red Cross.

You can also donate directly by clicking here.

Clover Point

Combining the ocean with a sunset is always a good idea. Watch the reddish sun dip past the horizon from one of Victoria’s most popular seaside viewpoints.

East Sooke Park

Head west to any of the coastal trails and prepare for breathtaking (hopefully not because of all the smoke) views.

Ogden Point Breakwater

The breakwater has earned a reputation as a major Victoria attraction for a reason. Walk out onto the ocean, watch the colourful haze, and let the earth’s rotation do the rest.

Macaulay Point Park

Stay on the main paths or descend steep trails for a more secluded and rocky viewing point. Clearer nights can offer views of the Victoria cityscape, but you’ll have to settle for a Mars-looking sunset.

French Beach

A long, rocky coastal area with marvelous viewing areas at each end of the beach. A great spot if you’d like to get away from the city and let the waves do the talking.

Mt. Tolmie

For good reason, Mt. Tolmie is possibly the most popular spot in Victoria to drive, park, and take in the views. Just minutes from many Victoria residents, it’s a classic.

Mt. Doug

Whether you’re looking for a small hike or a quick drive, making it to the top of this summit won’t be too hard. With large areas atop the mountain and multiple clearings below, each vantage point has its own personality and charm.