vinyl record

As John Lennon once said, “I like rock and roll, and I don’t like much else.”

Now, we’re not going to force you to like rock and roll. In fact, we probably couldn’t if we tried. But we will acknowledge that despite the death of the CD, vinyl records have made a resurgence in the 2010s.

So, with a little help from our friends, we’ve highlighted seven of the best record stores in Victoria!

1 – Supreme Echo

Supreme Echo
(Supreme Echo Music Boutique / Facebook )

Small in size, but large in selection. Hungry for some musical conversation? Jason, the owner, has an inhuman appetite for even the most obscure of tracks. New arrivals daily keep the regulars on their toes!

2 – The Turntable 

Turntable Records
(Turntable Records / Facebook)

This store happily proclaims, “If music is your drug, we are your dealers.” They’ve been operating for nearly 30 years, and are thrilled to dive into your musical tastes and offer recommendations. Students also get 10% off!

3 – Ditch Records & CD’s

Ditch Records & CDs
(Ditch Records & CDs / Facebook)

If you love spending hours digging through a vast expanse of vinyl, this is a place to make time for. It’s Victoria’s largest independent record store and is a great spot to go mining for gold. They’ll even let you try some used records on their turntable!

4 – Vinyl Envy

Vinyl Envy
( Vinyl Envy / Facebook)

Vinyl Envy is a vinyl haven by day and musical celebration by night. Focused on local talent and welcome to all ages, this is a gem for folks who like to dive into the full musical experience. Old school feels and 10,000+ LPs await.

  • Address: 1717 Quadra Street
  • Phone: 778-440-3689
  • Facebook: Vinyl Envy

5 – Lyle’s Place

Lyle's Place
(Lyle’s Place / Facebook)

Long-time Victorians will recognize Lyle’s Place as a staple on Yates street since the early 80s. In addition to an abundance of easily-navigable selection, they also offer “everything music”, from t-shirts and posters to tickets for local events.

  • Address: 770 Yates Street
  • Phone: 250-382-8422
  • Facebook: Lyle’s Place

6 – CAVITY Curiosity Shop

Cavity Curiosity Shop
(Cavity Curiosity Shop / Facebook)

CAVITY Curiosity Shop claims it’s “no stranger to the strange”, and they mean it. You’ll find limited-run releases from independent musicians and vintage audio gear. They scour the underground so you don’t have to.

7 – Gordie’s Music

Gordie's Music
(Gordie’s Music / Facebook)

Those interested in an intimate feel can head to Gordie’s Music. Opened in 1999, Gordie is an owner-operator who has breathed music his whole life. Come in and chat about his 30-year musical career, or dive into the store’s array of vintage vinyls.

Tip: Another great way to snag deals on records is to check sites like Craigslist or UsedVictoria. Occasionally, people’s unwanted music collections contain some great finds!