Lindsay Buziak Murder
(Lindsay Buziak)

A chilling comment has brought the 2008 murder of real estate agent Lindsay Buziak back into the spotlight.

Written by a user with the online name “Ross Addic”, the comment states “I killed Lindsay”, names several other people who were “involved”, and then claims the Saanich Police “dropped” the investigation.

So far, the identity of the commenter remains unclear, as does the intention behind the comment itself. Some have dismissed it as trolling, while others suggest it could be a genuine lead.

Full Comment:

I killed Lindsey and stupid cops will never prove it so you all got nothin. Ask jay z and sandy delcaxar they know. Vid and medardo involved too. No one gives a shit anymore anyhow except her crybaby dad. Even her fakey girlfriends have washed it away. Typical loser chicks. Sanich cops dropped it cause they can’t solve shit and were told to drop it. Chief downie has been owned for years. He had to obey so he cut the phoney investigation. It’s done. Go home losers. Forget about her. The street always rules. Bitches die every day.

It appeared on August 6 on, a website created by Jeff Buziak, Lindsay’s father.

According to its homepage, the website was created “for the sole purpose of sharing information to help solve the heinous murder of Lindsay Buziak”.

The site contains a timeline of the murder, theories about her death, and lists of everything from news stories and photos to “undesirables” and alleged conspirators.

Reactions to the Comment

The confessional comment has sparked hundreds of responses, including one from Jeff Buziak himself. “I have forwarded this confession to Saanich police,” Buziak wrote on August 9.

“It makes me sick to think Saanich police aren’t investigating this but it wouldn’t surprise me they are still trying to get organized. They do not inform me what they are doing. This needs to be taken seriously and investigated NOW!”

Jeff Buziak
Jeff Buziak

Saanich Police said that they’re aware of the website and what’s posted on it. But they didn’t comment further, confirming only that the investigation remains open and that tips and leads are all investigated.

History of the Lindsay Buziak Murder

On February 2, 2008, Buziak was showing a $1 million home on De Souza Place to an unknown couple. She was found in an upstairs bedroom. She had been stabbed multiple times. Buziak was only 24 years old when she was killed.

1702 De Sousa Place
1702 De Sousa Place, the house Buziak was showing when she was killed.

The murder gained a huge amount of publicity, but despite years of news stories, walks in Buziak’s memory, and offers of large monetary rewards, her murder remains unsolved.