( The Country Rose Pub)

The familiar brick-faced Country Rose Pub is undergoing some changes, but they’ll all be on the inside.

Kirk Stowell, Hollis Turbine, Joe Cunliffe, and Sheena Lind will be steering the ship starting on August 14th.

The quartet will close the building immediately after taking control, to begin two weeks of improvements and modifications.

On September 1st, Country Rose Pub will reopen with a new floor, updated bathrooms and upholstery, more taps, more TVs, and a fresh food menu.

“Our menu is going to be good home cooked pub food.” Joe Cunliffe, one of the new owners told Victoria Buzz. “We’re excited for our burgers, we’re going to make everything fresh, and Sheena is an accomplished chef who really knows how to give any dish a little something special.”

They will be increasing the beer taps to 12 total, adding more selection but keeping some classics. Blue Buck, Race Rocks, Labatt Blue, and Bud Light will remain from the previous ownership with plans to add taps for Strongbow, Lucky, and other brews from Hoyne, Phillips, Driftwood, and Russel.

From left to right: Kirk Stowell, Hollis Turbine, Joe Cunliffe, Sheena Lind

“We think Country Rose is a hidden little gem, and we want to keep its cozy feel as a neighborhood pub,” Joe said. “…[we’re] generally just trying to make the place shine again while making sure it keeps the heart it has now.”

The four friends have done it all in the food industry, from serving and bar tending, to being head chef, general manager, and owner.

Together, they have oodles of experience and plan to combine it all for a quality time at the Country Rose Pub.



Country Rose Pub

Address: 592 Ledsham Road, Colwood
Phone Number: (250) 478-4200