therapy dogs
(Vancouver Airport Authority)

Let’s face it. That 20 minute bunny-hop flight over to Vancouver can suck the life out of you.

Which is why you’ll be thrilled to know that the Vancouver airport will now have therapy dogs available to pet, cuddle, pet, pet, snuggle, pet, and cuddle some more.

It’s all part of their Less Airport Stress Initiative (LASI) to provide airport users with a new way to conquer anxiety associated with work and travel.

“We recognize that an airport can be a stressful environment. By introducing the YVR Ambassador Dogs through our LASI initiative, we hope that our four-legged friends will help to ease any anxiety associated with travel,” said Reg Krake, Director of Customer Care at Vancouver Airport.

Therapy dogs and Green Coat Volunteers at Vancouver Airport. (Vancouver Airport Authority)

Seven dogs – Molly, Bailey, Mira, Norman, Grover, Kermode and Soda will be available Monday-Fridays from 11am to 1pm. They will be accompanied by a dog handler and YVR Green Coat Volunteer, ready to answer any questions.

The real question is: how long until we can get some for those Friday evening Malahat drivers?


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