Meatless Butcher
Photo via YouTube

James Davison and Tania Friesen opened Western Canada’s first meatless butcher shop and they need your help to expand!

The Very Good Butchers began on Denman Island. The family-owned business started working local markets and festivals in the Spring of 2016.

They created healthy, planet-friendly meat alternatives accessible to omnivores, vegetarians, and vegans.

After selling out in mere hours and struggling to meet the demand for their products, it all became clear: they were onto something, and they needed to open a shop in Victoria.

Which is exactly what they did.

Similar to on Denman, the shop sold out within hours after roughly 1000 customers came to see what was cooking. That consistent, intense demand has fueled their Kickstarter dreams.

Why Kickstarter?

Meatless Butcher
Photo via Kickstarter

The duo has a team on Denman Island servicing the community and producing their products. They also have their shop in downtown Victoria that offers their packaged products, as well as hot food and brunch on the weekends.

However, given the current demand for their products, they’re hoping to reach a larger customer base. If their campaign raises enough money, they’d be able to. The funds would allow them to purchase new equipment and train new bean butchers, thus increasing production and serving more people.

Next, they’d develop new products and take their show on the road with a food truck. This would allow them to attend festivals, markets, and events all across BC.

Lastly, they’d address the demand across North America for their products. By investing in better equipment, they could stock their products in smaller stores and still be able to meet the margins required for retail distribution.

As of publication, their Kickstarter has raised over $37,000. The goal is $50,000 by September 11th.

You can check out their Kickstarter story here.