Dress Codes

Facebook is full of viral stories and debates over school dress codes, but Victoria might soon be exempt.

Greater Victoria School District staff have made a recommendation that schools change their policy around dress code.

Emphasis on Human Rights

It states that rather than outlining specific items of clothing, students would instead be prohibited from wearing items that could be considered discriminatory.

“Actions through verbal or nonverbal communication (including clothing) must demonstrate
support for the BC Human Rights Code,” the policy reads.

Victoria School Dress Codes
Photo via https://lined-paper.com/tag/victoria-high-school/

“There won’t be anything specific about the length of shorts or the width of tank top straps. It’ll simply be about respecting diversity and inclusion,” trustee Jordan Watters told CBC News.

The recommendation  was presented at a meeting Monday night. The school board will make its decision Sept. 25.