Friday, May 17, 2024

The Victoria Harbourcats want your feedback


The Harbourcats give us great baseball, fireworks requiring no downtown parking, and a hot dog worthy of the big leagues.

Part of them improving on an already excellent experience is feedback from you, the community.

“We’d love some feedback on your baseball team. Asking fans – and potential fans – about our operations, goals and format is the best way for us to listen, make positive changes, or leave things alone that you really like,” the Harbourcats survey reads.

The survey features 18 quick questions here, most multiple choice, so it should not take long at all to complete.

Ready to start?

The survey is here! Let them know your thoughts, and you can win a 2018 10-pack of Premium tickets!

Jeremy Weeres
Jeremy Weeres
Victoria Royals and hockey writer at Victoria Buzz

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