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Victoria man rescues baby squirrel now dubbed “Rocky”


A Victoria man walking to work recently rescued a baby squirrel being attacked by crows.

Peter Wheaton told CBC’s All Points West he heard terrible “screeching and screaming” from an animal in clear distress.

Wheaton was able to locate an infant squirrel on the pavement being attacked by crows.

He told CBC the squirrel, which has now been named “Rocky,” was being pecked at by the crows and was too exhausted to defend itself.

Wheaton scared the crows away, picked up the bloodied animal, and carried it to his office.

Wheaton and co-workers put Rocky into a box and brought him to the local animal hospital, where it was then transported to the BC SPCA Wild Animal Rehabilitation Centre (ARC).

“Beyond wounds and a broken paw, Rocky was suffering from extreme dehydration, and its survival was touch and go for a while,” CBC said in its report.

Wheaton received an email on Thursday from ARC, saying Rocky was doing much better and staff believe the squirrel will survive.

CBC’s All Points West Interview with Peter Wheaton


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