Wednesday, June 12, 2024

An epic harvest moon is set to light the Victoria sky tomorrow


Planet earth, in cooperation with the moon, is offering a free Thursday evening spectacle as a stunning harvest moon is set to rise over Victoria.

Viewers can expect the moon to glow a dazzling orange, possibly the cosmos trying to fit in with the colorful changes of autumn.

Or it could just be science.

The Harvest Moon was once celebrated by farmers for the extra light afforded for harvesting crops, as it extended the work day by a few hours. Nowadays, it offers folks an opportunity to pause Netflix for a few minutes or take the dog for a stroll.

The moon’s ascent will be visible in the early afternoon, and become brighter and brighter throughout the day.

Luckily for all, tomorrow’s forecast is projected to be cloud-free.

Serious lunar enthusiasts should avoid light pollution and find a location distant or elevated above the city.

For a preview, check out the sky tonight. You’ll still see an almost-full moon rising at a similar (though slightly earlier) time. Often, some of these harvest moon traits can be observed for a few days before and after the main event.


Jeremy Weeres
Jeremy Weeres
Victoria Royals and hockey writer at Victoria Buzz

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