The annual salmon run, where thousands of fish make their way back to Goldstream to spawn, has begun!

Salmon born in the river head off to the ocean for four years to grow, then return to their home stream to reproduce. These returnees are expected to begin arriving in large volumes within days.

Goldstream River has a world-class salmon spawning stream, with an average of 30,000 salmon returning each year. They appear around mid-October and may be seen for about nine weeks, with the dates varying from year to year.

Visitors are asked not wear bright-coloured clothing and to stay out of the water – that includes GoPros. Dogs must be on leashes and kept out of the river.

The best time to watch is mid-late October to early December.

Tips for Salmon Watchers:

1. Avoid wearing bright coloured clothing, especially reds, purple and pinks which salmon see very well.

2. Avoid moving quickly, and approach the river bank quietly. Find fish that are actively building nests and watch for the spawning behaviour.

3. Leave you dog at home. If you do bring a dog it must be on a leash and kept out of the river.

4. Don’t throw anything in the river.

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