Sears Liquidation

It’s like the Black Friday chaos came early this year.

This month, Sears Canada announced that it would be liquidating all its stores and assets in Canada by the end of 2017.

And Canadians all over the country waited for what they knew was coming soon – liquidation sales.

On October 19th, the sales were announced. But what Sears didn’t anticipate is just how enthusiastic shoppers can be.

Mayhem ensues

According to images and videos on social media, people have been going absolutely crazy at these stores – leaving things on the ground, trampling over boxes, and throwing stuff everywhere was just the tip of the iceberg.

Here’s a video taken at Fairview Mall in Toronto on Sunday:

Seriously people?! The sales are only at 10-50% off!

And it doesn’t get any better in Markham, Ontario…

Or closer to home, in Burnaby, B.C…

🛍 @sears_canada Liquidation Sale @metropolisatmet 🏙 #Metrotown #Burnaby 😱

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This retail apocalypse is probably the scariest thing we’ve seen this Halloween season…and we don’t think it’s over yet.