Tim Hortons

Hold on to your grizzlies!

Yes, you read that title right and no, we’re not making this up!

Over 1500 Canadians have voted on their favourite coffee shops using Maclean’s Coffee Ranker, and the verdict is clear: Tim Horton’s has officially been dethroned.

The poll went live on Monday, October 16th, and as of today – October 23rd – Tim Hortons is sitting at #4, below Starbucks (#3), Second Cup (#2), and McDonald’s (#1).

People have been ranking 15 coffee chains according to their preferences in drip coffee, and we’re not sure how to feel about the outcome.

Who would’ve thought that the American fast food giant, McDonald’s, could have taken over the Canadian morning routine so thoroughly as to deserve first place?!

But the polls haven’t closed just yet.

So head on over to www.macleans.ca/best-coffee/ to rank your favourite drip coffees in Canada!