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This weekend has been a busy one for Vic PD officers.

In two separate incidents, police officers were injured while trying to subdue violent suspects.

The first incident occurred on Saturday, October 21st, at Stadacona Park on Pandora Ave, after officers received reports of a man sleeping in the women’s bathroom.

When two policemen approached the suspect, he attacked both of them, injuring one. The perpetrator was able to slip away during the altercation and is still at large.

Second officer injured

The next day, at 4 AM (Sunday, October 22nd), a second Vic PD officer was injured while in pursuit of an armed suspect.

In this case, two officers approached a couple of men on Johnson St. who seemed like they were about to fight. One of the men was carrying a knife, which the officers knew was a breach of a previous court-order against him.

When he saw the officers, the suspect dropped the knife and started running, prompting the police to give chase.

This is when one of the officers got injured, while his partner continued the pursuit. The suspect then pulled out a couple of hypodermic needles and started fighting with the officer.

But then the first officer showed up despite being injured, and together, the two of them managed to take the man into custody – and even recovered a second knife that he was carrying.

Thankfully, the injuries to both officers were non-life threatening.


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