Retired Police Service Dog Max was a very good boy indeed.

Max the chocolate lab and his exceptional bomb-sniffing nose served VicPD loyally for over 12 years before retiring in January 2017.

He and his human friend, handler Sgt. Mike Chicorelli, had quite a few adventures together, sniffing out bomb threats at many VIP visits, public events and bomb threat complaints.

His detection skills and enthusiasm even won him some gold and bronze medals, at the World Police and Fire Games in New York (2009), and at the Canadian Police Championship (2011).

But Max’s old age caught up to him on Thursday night, October 19th, when he passed away at the age of 13 surrounded by Sgt. Mike Chicorelli and his family.

R.I.P. Max – we hope you’re having a great time in doggy heaven!


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