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Victoria ranked 2nd best small city on earth


The people have spoken!

Victoria has once again been recognized internationally for it’s quaint charm, as Condé Nast’s Reader’s Choice Award ranked Victoria as the second best small city in the world, outside the USA.

The caption reads:

“As a former British colony, Victoria retains stately mansions and picturesque gardens perfect for walking and gazing. Its mild climate and location on the southern end of Vancouver Island also make it an excellent location for outdoor activities, too: Take a kayak tour of Victoria Harbour, or walk a half mile over the sea on the Ogden Point Breakwater. For excellent traditional fish-and-chips on the docks, try the aptly named Red Fish Blue Fish.”

Over 300,000 people responded with millions of comments and ratings, and the results are clear: Victoria is pretty swell.

Our gardens, architecture, mild climate, and outdoor activities all contributed to it’s allure, according to readers.

Given that Victoria was just ranked the best city in Canada to be a woman, it seems British Columbia’s capital is doing just fine. Even if you’re a man.

The top 20 small cities outside the USA

  1. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
  2. Victoria, Canada
  3. Florence, Italy
  4. Bruges, Belgium
  5. Lucerne, Switzerland
  6. Salzburg, Austria
  7. Nuremberg, Germany
  8. Quebec City, Canada
  9. Cologne, Germany
  10. Lisbon, Portugal
  11. Copenhagen, Denmark
  12. Edinburgh, Scotland
  13. Bergen, Norway
  14. Stockholm, Sweden
  15. Seville, Spain
  16. Prague, Czech Republic
  17. Venice, Italy
  18. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
  19. Dublin, Ireland
  20. Jerusalem, Isreal

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