BC Legislature
(File photo)

The BC Legislature’s aged architecture makes it a huge attraction, also prone to serious damage from a major earthquake.

Initial construction on the legislature was completed in 1897, long before modern seismic building codes. According to engineers, the central dome (pictured centre) is particularly vulnerable.

That’s prompted talks of a seismic retrofit, which could cost between $700 million and $900 million.

Cheaper Options Being Explored

However, cheaper options are being explored. One such idea includes replicating a version of the original architect’s designs nearby, providing a backup building.

The Armoury building – located behind the Parliament Buildings – could potentially be demolished and replaced with the new backup.

Francis Rattenbury, whose designs would be utilized, made a name for himself in the early 1900’s for not only designing the legislature but also the Empress Hotel and several other structures.

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