Last month, a Sooke woman was looking for her beloved Macaw parrot.

And now, an Oaklands family is missing their pet 9-year-old Indian ringneck parrot, Peanut.

Peanut is a very polite parrot and will wave his foot to say hi. He is blue and has a faded green band on his legs, a black ring around his neck, blue eyes, and can talk quite a bit.

He started talking at 6 months old and loves it! He’ll tell you if he’s hungry (“yum yum!”) or wants to go to bed (“night night!”).

He was last seen around Oaklands elementary school the day before Halloween, and his family is very worried about him.

“He’s been with us for close to ten years,” says Abdulla Dashwood, Peanut’s dad.

“I’m not saying I’ve given up, but every time I think about it I get anxiety and just get extremely sad, our house has never been the same without him.”

Dashwood says Peanut got out by following their cat, Mylo, through the back door. The parrot and the cat bonded very young. Check out this adorable video of them:


If you’ve seen Peanut, or have any information of his whereabouts, please contact Abdulla Dashwood on Facebook, or call or text him at 250-514-0254.

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