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Here’s what Reddit deemed the “most delicious thing” in Victoria


If there’s one thing the Victoria, BC subreddit likes to discuss, it’s food. From the best tacos to the top Indian food, to the sub-par culinary options at Swartz Bay Terminal, there’s no shortage of tastes and opinions.

But until now, an overall reckoning of the “most delicious thing” in the city hasn’t occurred. That all changed when a user by the name of kayriss imported the idea from the r/Halifax subreddit.

“Just moved here from Halifax,” kayriss wrote. “A simple question on /r/halifax yielded great discussion, so now I ask you: What’s the most delicious thing in Victoria?”

In just 22 hours, the post was voted to the top of the subreddit, garnering over a hundred comments.

Top Scoring “Most Delicious” Things

As of 11:00 a.m., November 7

1 – “Fat Tug IPA from Driftwood Brewery (or maybe Dark Matter from neighboring Hoyne Brewing)
2 – “Breakfast
3 – “The rare albacore tuna sandwich at Part and Parcel
Part and Parcel
We couldn’t find a specific photo of the Albacore Tuna Sandwich, but hopefully this gives you an idea of Part and Parcel’s deliciousness Photo via
4 – “The Ultimate Meatball sandwich at Italian Food Importers.
Italian Food Importers Meatball Sub
Photo via wheretoeatvictoria
5 – “Sweet and Sour Pork Belly on rice from Foo
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