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Last night, Transgender Day of Remembrance brought over a hundred people to Bastion Square to honour the memory of those killed by transphobic violence.

A candlelight vigil was held and 325 names – those of trans people killed around the world between October 1, 2016, and September 30, 2017 – were read out, along with the details of each death.

The list included Sisi Thibert, who was stabbed in Montreal.

The Transgender Day of Remembrance annually occurs on November 20 and was originally started in 1999 by Gwendolyn Ann Smith.

“It’s a difficult but necessary event to attend. These are murders of my Trans Siblings from around the world and each Transgender Individual knows that could be them,” said Zane Oak, who identifies as Transmasculine.

“It’s so important that each Transgender Individual who was murdered is recognized and honored in their authentic truth. Many Transgender Individuals are already discarded by Society, our own Communities and even our own families.”

Premier Horgan Adds His Support

B.C. Premier John Horgan released a supportive statement denouncing violent transphobic acts.

On November, 26th, at 2pm, there will be a Memorial Concert at the Legislative Grounds. The Memorial Concert will have an information booth, Spoken Word and a choir performance.

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