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11-year-old girl in medically-induced coma after being struck by an SUV in Saanich


On Wednesday, December 20th, 11-year-old Leila Bui was on her way to attend classes at Arbutus Middle School when she was struck by an SUV at the crosswalk on Ash Rd and Torquay Dr.

The incident occurred at around 8:15 AM after which she was transported to Victoria General Hospital with serious injuries.

According to Times Colonist, Leila is currently in a medically induced coma and doctors are working to determine whether or not she suffered any brain or spinal cord injuries.

Her grandfather, Andy Bui, told TC that so far she has had surgery to limit internal bleeding, but doctors are worried about swelling in her brain.

She is, however, showing signs of stabilizing.

A dangerous intersection

A CHEK news report reveals that residents in the area had written a letter to the Saanich municipality warning them of the dangers of the intersection only a few days prior to the incident.

The hill right before the crosswalk prevents drivers from being able to clearly see the pedestrians trying to cross the street. This, combined with the speed limit, few stop signs, and increased amount of vehicles makes for an accident just waiting to happen.

The District of Saanich is set to discuss what needs to be done about improving conditions at intersection (which has a history of similar accidents) in a review in January.

In the meantime, Saanich police are still investigating the incident. No arrests have been made. The driver of the SUV is cooperating with the authorities, and there is no word yet on what caused the accident.

Brishti Basu
Former Senior Staff Writer and Content Manager at Victoria Buzz.

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