It’s time to get off of Instagram and embrace the top photographs of the year in person!

The 2017 Wildlife Photographer of the Year will showcase 100 of the most stunning images taken from around our beautiful globe.

From the inspiring to the gruesome, and the adorable to the elegant, these photos are guaranteed to get you pondering about the expanse of life beyond our little Vancouver Island rock.

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The 100 winning photos are back-lit, enlarged, and part of an impressive setting for some of the world’s most renowned nature photographers.

A look inside the Royal BC Museum’s 2017 Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibit. Photo by J.Gibzz Photography

Beware: these photos might change your perspective a little.

The travel bug is likely to infiltrate your immune system, and cause you to spontaneously book a trip to Africa. After that, complete awe and wonder will hijack your thoughts as you view incredible images of deep ocean creatures or the majesty of the earth’s creatures.

This may lead you to inquire about the cost of renting a submarine for an expedition into the ocean’s depths, or an excursion into the jungles of the Amazon.

And if none of that sounds like you, you might just find yourself appreciating the fine photographers who have mastered their craft in such a way to deliver us these incredibly captured moments.

But hey, we could be wrong. Better go find out for yourself!

2017 Wildlife Photographs of the Year

  • Where: Royal BC Museum
  • When: Exhibit is from December 8th – April 2nd, 2018.


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We know this city. You should too. 👊