Earlier this week, a bracelet and several crystals were stolen from downtown Victoria store, Boho Tribe.

The victim of the crime, 24-year-old Katerina Dooling wanted to give the perpetrator the benefit of the doubt, and the chance to come forward on her own.

However, after several days (and a police report), the thief still has not been found. She is now appealing to you, Victorians, to help her find this woman.

If you know who she is, or have any information about her whereabouts, please contact Katerina Dooling on Facebook, or call Boho Tribe.


Last night, Katerina Dooling, a 24-year-old mother of two, sent us a plea for help.

She was trying to sell her personal bracelet at Boho Tribe on Yates Street – the store she works at – but 20 minutes after putting it out on display, the item was stolen. The bracelet thief also took a few crystals from the store.

Thanks to the surveillance system, Katerina was able to acquire a photo and video of the perpetrator and will release the images in a few days unless the bracelet is returned.

The bracelet was being sold to help her pay rent

“I am selling quite a few of my personal belongings in order to have enough for a rental deposit,” Katerina told Victoria Buzz.

“So it was being sold for 60 dollars. I know 60 dollars doesn’t sound like much, but when you don’t have much and need it, it’s quite a bit.”

On top of paying rent, Dooling also has to worry about the expenses of caring for her two sons, Max (4 years old) and Magnus (2.5 years old).

If you have the bracelet, or have any information on its whereabouts, please contact Katerina Dooling on Facebook, or call Boho Tribe.

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