Fighting Fentanyl
('Fighting Fentanyl'/Photo via YouTube)

Last night, Victoria police announced their success in arresting a drug dealer who was selling fentanyl – among others – at a residence next to a daycare.

The man, and a woman were being investigated after police received reports of the man dealing drugs outside of a residence in the 3000-block of Quadra Street.

The investigation and subsequent arrest

They were able to observe people crossing over the driveway of a neighbouring house to get to the man dealing the drugs. What was even more concerning was the fact that there was a daycare run out of a house right next to where the shady operations were taking place.

Officers also found out that the man wasn’t even a resident at the house he was dealing out of – he was simply crashing with a friend, who was shocked when the police told him what was happening.

So on November 30th, Victoria Police’s Strike Force officers went in and arrested the man and a woman believed to be associated with the activities.

The findings

The woman was found to be carrying drugs including heroin and methamphetamine.  43 grams of suspected heroin, 37 grams of suspected methamphetamine, 28 grams of suspected cocaine and over $4000 in cash were found on the man.

(Reading from ION scanner showing presence of drugs including fentanyl/Victoria Police)

When they tested the suspected heroin, they discovered that it contained fentanyl and a fentanyl analogue. Further testing will be conducted on more samples.

The investigation is currently ongoing.

This recent arrest is one of a series of police efforts to crack down on dealers selling drugs laced with fentanyl.

Earlier this year, it was found that fentanyl has been detected in 81% of illicit-drug overdoses in British Columbia, according to data released by the BC Coroners Service.

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