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Help a local mom battle cancer by taking part in a bottle drive on New Year’s Day


In 2015, Mallory Stradecke noticed that she had difficulty swallowing food.

The young mother, at the time pregnant with her third child, chalked this up as a pregnancy-related issue. However, shortly after the birth of her child the problem only got worse.

This led to a visit to the doctor, who x-rayed her esophagus and performed a series of tests. The results revealed that she had stomach cancer (adenocarcinoma). Since then, she has had several rounds of chemo.

The newlywed mother of three recently registered for hospice care and is now taking a new trial medication to treat the stage 4 stomach cancer.

To help pay for the increasing expenses, family friend, Caren Morris, is organizing a bottle drive that will happen this Monday, January 1st.

All funds will go to the helping pay for her battle against cancer.

What: Bottle Drive
Date: Monday, January 1st, 2018
Time: 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Location: Gordon Head United Church (4201 Tyndall Ave)

If you would like to donate but are unavailable at that time, message @mallorystradecke and an alternative date can be arranged. Other donations can be made to her GoFundMe page.


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