Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Massive Sitka spruce tree discovered on Vancouver Island


Volunteers for the Ancient Forest Alliance have recently discovered one of the largest Sitka spruces in British Columbia.

This sprawling tree is a whopping 11 feet wide and ranks tenth on the Big Tree Registry in B.C.

“This is the most impressive unprotected Sitka spruce grove we’ve come across in years,” said Ancient Forest Alliance Executive Director, Ken Wu. “It really feels like you’re in a part of the Carmanah Valley.”

Tall Tree Capital of Canada

The massive Sitka spruce was found near Port Renfrew on lands owned by the TimberWest corporation, in the territory of the Pacheedaht First Nation people.

Because of the frequency of record setting trees found near Port Renfrew, the community has been nicknamed “The Tall Tree Capital of Canada.”

The largest Sitka spruce tree in Canada (and the second largest in the world) can be found at the San Juan River Recreation Site, near Port Renfrew.

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