(Lisa Helps/Facebook)

Last night, Mayor Lisa Helps was attending the Our Climate – Our Future event at the Vic Theatre to unveil the new Victoria Climate Leadership Plan.

When she got out, she was greeted by a nasty surprise: someone had attached padlocks to both the tires on her bicycle.

Helps took to Facebook to denounce her saboteur and called the act “very dangerous and really mean”.


Over the years, the Victoria mayor’s support of bike lanes in the city has been shrouded in controversy, so the natural suspect is most likely someone who disagrees with her decisions.

Nevertheless, several people commented on Helps’ Facebook post with messages of support and condemned the unknown bike saboteur.

“Very disturbing, so sorry this happened to you. Not sure why some people are so threatened by and opposed to us cyclists?!?! I support your work Lisa, it’s wonderful to have a progressive mayor,” reads one comment by Beverly Joy.

Others expressed their relief that the mayor noticed the padlocks before deciding to ride her bike, as it could have led to a disaster.

“ok, THATS too far.. I may not agree with everything you do Lisa Helps but no one deserves that at all. glad you noticed it before you started riding..” said Shane Warde.

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