hit and run

UPDATE: The Vancouver Island Integrated Major Crime Unit have just confirmed intelligence provided by other sources, stating that two small children, aged four and six were found dead on site.

Officers are expected to conduct their investigation at the house for the rest of the week. Their statement includes a message for everyone to respect the privacy of the family.

“This is a devastating incident and we cannot begin to express our sympathy to all those touched by this tragedy”, stated Cpl. Shane Rappel of the Vancouver Island Integrated Major Crime Unit, in a press release.

EARLIER: The news cycle on Christmas Day took a grisly turn as Oak Bay Police officers found two dead bodies and one injured person in a house near the corner of Beach Drive and Goodwin Street.

The discovery, which was made at about 5 PM, prompted a Vancouver Island Integrated Major Crime Unit (VIIMCU) investigation which is currently in its early stages.

Sources shed light on the incident

However, sources told Victoria Buzz that the bodies belong to two little children, and the injured person is their father.

A Times Colonist report has confirmed that the victims were two girls aged four and six, and their father was found with self-inflicted wounds showing a suicide attempt. He was taken to the hospital by the police.

The Major Crime Unit investigating the incident have not yet revealed the identities of the people involved, and nor have they confirmed the relationship between the perpetrator and the deceased.

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