Soon there might be more than just rotisserie chicken to love at Victoria’s long-standing Swiss Chalet restaurant.

The company is preparing for significant changes that may be seen across the country, the president of Swiss Chalet, Ken Otto, announced.

On December 20, Swiss Chalet is revealing a new menu and design. Its debut will be at their busiest location in Barrie, ON. This will serve as a test market before these changes potentially affect Swiss Chalets all over Canada.

This menu boasts innovations in chicken technology and was designed by Chef Tallis Voakes of Chopped Canada. The menu features an extravagant new Taco Poutine with chicken and ancho sauce. On the other side of the spectrum, Swiss Chalet is also providing “lighter, healthy fare, like the veggie-based, protein-packed Power Salad and Sriracha honey brussels sprouts.”

The restaurant is being heavily re-designed as well. This includes the construction of a “Watering Hole” bar that can fit over 300 people. “Whether you’re dining in or picking up dinner, our goal with the new concept is to create a welcoming, cool and casual environment with delicious options for everyone at the table.” continued Ken Otto.

Swiss Chalet is a Canadian chain of restaurants that opened their first location in 1954.  Since then, over 200 Swiss Chalet locations have opened in Canada.

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