Snowfall in Shawnigan Lake December 2017 (Pascal Saxby/Instagram)

For most parts of Vancouver Island, a glance at the weather outside is enough to make one harbour hopes of a white Christmas this year.

And if you’re eager enough to have checked the 7-day weather forecast, it looks like Victoria may just be treated to flurries instead of the usual rain showers this December 25th!


Historically improbable

You can count on one hand the number of times our city has had a white Christmas in the past few decades.

Statistically speaking, there have only been 6 instances of a “perfect Christmas” (defined as 2 cm of snow or more on the ground on Christmas morning, and snow in the air sometime on Christmas day) in Victoria between 1955 and 2007.

As of today, Environment Canada estimates that Victoria has a 10% chance of seeing a white Christmas.

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