Wednesday, June 12, 2024

V2V Empress enters Victoria harbour in preparation for re-launch of service


The luxurious Victoria to Vancouver Ferry (V2V) made its inaugural voyage in May 2017.

However, after just four months of service, engine damage on the ship cut the company’s voyage short. But starting December 27th the V2V will once again be ready to sail the seas more effectively than ever before.

In anticipation of its return, the vessel re-entered Victoria at Point Hope on Wednesday, December 13th.

Maximum preparations being planned

The company is readying a series of sea trials for the V2V Empress in the lead up to its return to service.

Its re-entry to Victoria occurred alongside an announcement by V2V’s Chief Executive Hume K. Campbell that the company is moving the vessel’s home port from Vancouver to Victoria. 

The busy nature of Vancouver’s ports and the high costs of operation, both contributed to  the change in location.

Current estimated winter departure times for the V2V Empress

  • 9:00 AM departure from Victoria
  • 1:30 PM departure from Vancouver

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