Emergency crews are on scene. (Image: Tylor Sherman / Flickr )

Some alert witnesses made sure a hit-and-run driver in Victoria didn’t get away.

Around 12 p.m. Sunday, police were called to the intersection of Oak Bay Avenue and Richmond Road after a 62-year-old woman was struck by a vehicle while in the crosswalk.

Witnesses in the area ran over to assist the woman and were also able to collect vital information about the driver and the vehicle before fleeing the scene.

“Despite the frigid temperature, these witnesses waited on scene for some time to ensure that our officer had all the information necessary to locate the vehicle and the driver. The witnesses’ actions were vital in locating the driver,” police said in a statement.

A short time later, officers were able to locate the 18-year-old female driver. Police issued her a $368 ticket for failing to remain at the scene of an accident.

The victim was transported to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.