plastic bags
(Scrap Monster)

Calling all Victorians: here’s your cue to start getting in the habit of bringing reusable bags with you whenever you go shopping.

The final approval for banning plastic bags in the City of Victoria has gone through, and will begin rolling out as of July 1st, with stricter enforcement starting in January 2019.

The Checkout Bag Regulation bylaw will only affect people in Victoria, and not the other 12 municipalities.

What you need to know

So from July 1st onwards, if you forget to bring a bag, businesses will have to charge you $0.15 to issue a paper bag, or $1 for a reusable bag.

The city also plans to ease its population into the transition, by launching an awareness campaign to prepare businesses, residents, and tourists.

According to a Global News report, starting on Jan 1st, 2019, reusable bags will cost $2, and paper bags will cost $0.25.

From January onwards, penalties for breaking the bylaw rules will result in fines of $100-$10,000 for businesses, and $50-$500 for individuals.

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