(Bottle with unidentified capsules/Health Canada)

Yesterday, Health Canada issued an advisory about a popular chewable vitamin tablet.

An unsealed pack of Flintstones Plus Iron multivitamins for children (NPN 02247995) was returned to a pharmacy because it contained some unidentified capsules instead of the usual tablets shaped like Flintstones characters.

So far, Health Canada and Bayer Inc. (the manufacturing company), only know of one incident in which the bottle of tablets in question was returned to Pharmaprix in Longueuil, QC, in December 2017.

(Health Canada)

According to a press release, Bayer has conducted an investigation into the incident and concluded that the unidentified capsules found in the bottle were not a result of any issue at the manufacturing site.

The capsules themselves are not a product that is manufactured or sold by Bayer, and the risk of consuming them is not known.

At this time, Health Canada is conducting tests on the unidentified capsules, and will take appropriate action if and when they become aware of any additional safety concerns.

Here is what the multicolored chewable Flintstones tablets look like:

(Health Canada)

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