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Langford residents address concerns over marijuana smell from local cannabis producer


A Facebook post in a closed group yesterday morning got hundreds of people talking.

According to the post, the smell of weed has permeated the air in an entire block of Sooke Road, in the area surrounding Parkway Physiotherapy & Performance Centre, Langford.

The woman who brought the odor to people’s attention was concerned about children breathing it in, and decided to take up the matter with the proper authorities.

Licensed producer

She contacted both the City of Langford’s bylaw department and the RCMP, and was told that neither authority could take any action, as the property emanating the smell was a federally licensed marijuana grower.

The concerned citizen then went to Facebook for advice, asking fellow residents of West Shore whether or not they think it prudent for her to escalate the matter to Health Canada.

Mixed responses

The post gathered hundreds of comments, creating a buzz around the topic.

Some people argued that the scent is harmless and should be ignored, while others cited concerns about health problems faced by people sensitive to smell.

Commenters pointed out that people allergic to scent have to take responsibility for their own allergies, as they have to deal with other odors (like perfume) on a regular basis anyway.

Several people encouraged the original poster to contact Health Canada and cite migraines, allergies, and other health issues as concerns.

Some solutions were also offered, like having the producer purchase air filtration systems or vent during the night.

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